Istanbul University, Turkey                                      

Istanbul University, the oldest and best-established university of Turkey, has a history that dates back 550 years. The foundation of Istanbul University, one of the oldest educational institutions not only of Turkey, but also of the world, was accomplished when Mehmet the Conqueror conquered Istanbul at 1453. Education began to be dispensed in theological schools (“medreses” as they were then called) and, until the end of the 16th Century,these schools were instrumental in educating the ruling cadres of the Ottoman society. However, when the “medreses” were no longer able to retain their grip on the modern world, a restructuring process began, and as a result, the institutions of higher education called “Darulfunun”, the nuclei of Istanbul University, were established. Through the educational reforms instigated by the founding of the Republic, the “medreses” were abolished in 1924, and, as a first step in modernization, the Istanbul Darulfunun was established, comprising the fields of medicine, law, literature, theology, and science. The institution was renamed Istanbul University in accordance with Atatürk’s university reform, and higher education was restructured in Turkey to meet the demands of contemporary conditions. During these early years, Istanbul University welcomed foreign academics who were fleeing Germany and they became members of the teaching staff. 



When the Turkish Republic was founded, Istanbul University was the only institution of higher education. That is the reason why it is the provender for all the universities existing in Turkey today, and the academics educated here have initiated the establishment of the other institutions. Thus, Istanbul University has always been instrumental in the training and strengthening of our country’s scientific cadres.

In addition to its scientific impact, Istanbul University has also been a leader in the movement towards enlightenment and modernization that began with the Republic by acting as a bridge between science and life. It is aware of its role in the perpetuation of Atatürk’s principles and reforms, and will persevere in this line in all issues pertaining to public life with no concessions from its decisive stand.

Istanbul University functions as a reflection of Turkey’s history of science and independence. Istanbul University ranks among the first 10 founded in Europe.  The University has been a leader in the establishment of modern values and social enlightenment, and it remains in the lead in the age of science. It consists of 17 faculties, 12 colleges and training schools, 13 institutes, and more than 30 research centres. There are approximately 60 000 students receiving their B.A., M.A., and Doctorate degrees.



Yeni Yüzyil University

Yeni Yüzyıl, an autonomous foundation university, was founded by Vatan Health and Education Foundation (VASEV) in February 28, 2009.  Dr. Azmi Ofluoğlu is the head of both the Foundation and the Board of Trustees of our university.  


The Goals, Mission and Vision

One of the primary goals of Yeni Yüzyıl University is to hold a place among the world’s standard-setting universities by providing an educational environment based on sound academic principles, concordant with the changing demands of the modern world. To this end, we aim to provide society with individuals who are insightful, modern, intellectually and scientifically well equipped, experienced, and loyal to Atatürk’s principles and reforms. Due to the expertise of our academic staff, in cooperation with the public and private sectors, we provide a universal standard of education--not only in the area of medical sciences, for which we are recognized, but in every academic discipline offered. Hence, we seek to acquaint our students early in their university careers with the business world and other sectors in order to establish the foundation for successful career planning.



Çamlıca German Hospital

Qualified Faculty  

Since the founding of our university, we are proud to have an incredibly qualified academic staff. Our educational team includes: 36 full-professors; 6 associate professors; 56 assistant professors; 42 lecturers, 15 of which hold PhDs; and 19 research assistants, totalling 157 factulty members. Moreover, we recruit faculty from other prestigious institutions, according to demand.

A Wide Range of Education Possibilities  

Yeni Yüzyıl University currently offers 13 programs in 8 faculties, 19 departments and 2 vocational schools. Our primary medium of instruction is Turkish, with the exception of two departments--the English Language and Literature and English Translation-Interpretation Departments, under the Faculty of Sciences and Letters, wherein the medium of instruction is English.  


Taksim German Hospital

Opportunity for Double Majors and Minors

Students who are interested and who meet the requirements have the opportunity to double major in different programs outside of their own. Likewise, by selecting to pursue a minor, students have the opportunity to acquire another area of academic expertise.

Education Abroad

In the first year of our founding we obtained the Erasmus Charter. Therefore our students have the opportunity to study abroad in Europe through the Erasmus Program for one or two academic semesters.


The main campus of our university is the Topakı Ofluoglu Campus, where our educational and administrative offices are located. Our exponentially growing campus (classrooms, laboratories, and performance halls), is situated in a 7 story, 20,500m2 facility. We utilize the Taksim and Camlica German Hospitals as applied classrooms for our medical and healthcare fields and internships. For further information, please browse the other pages of our website as