Cellmid’s Key Patents and Intellectual Property

Cellmid holds the largest and most comprehensive patent portfolio related to the growth factor midkine (MK) globally. The portfolio consists of 20 patent families (86 patents; 76 granted), covering four key areas: 




Anti-MK agents (including composition of matter claims on MK antibodies) for treating or preventing cancer, inflammatory, autoimmune and vascular diseases as well as surgical adhesion    



 Measuring MK in bodily fluids for the diagnosis, prognosis and monitoring of cancer and arthritis 



 The use of MK protein for the treatment or prevention of ischemic diseases, including heart attack and stroke 



Treatment of hair loss or enhancement of hair growth via inhibition of FGF5

Cellmid also holds patents over methods of production of both MK and anti-MK antibodies. A list of Cellmid’s key patents can be found on this website here >>

In addition to its comprehensive patent protection, Cellmid has extensive proprietary knowledge and know-how pertaining to the production, purification and manufacture of MK and anti-MK antibodies, MK structure, MK functional sites, epitopes of MK-specific antibodies, and MK knockout mice. Finally, Cellmid holds an extensive library of  well characterised MK-specific monoclonal antibodies.