Lyramid draws on the large bank of antibodies available to Cellmid in multiple preclinical research programmes.  Current lead candidates are CAB102 and CAB101.

CAB102 is a humanised monoclonal antibody targeting MK for use in solid tumours. In vivo pre-clinical studies have shown that anti-MK antibodies inhibit tumour growth, tumour spread (metastasis), and tumour blood vessel growth (angiogenesis), as well as reduce chemoresistance in a variety of xenograft models. 

CAB102 is in the late preclinical development stage, and has undergone manufacture scale up and assessment on formulation, storage and stability.   CAB102 performed extremely well in toxicology studies with no dose limiting toxicities and no abnormal clinical pathology noted.



CAB101 is a monoclonal antibody targeting MK for the treatment of kidney injury, inflammatory and fibrotic diseases. In vivo pre-clinical studies in various animal models of inflammation and autoimmunity have shown that the murine version of the antibody ameliorates disease by reducing inflammatory cell infiltration and increasing regulatory T cell numbers. No off target toxicities have been observed. Pre-clinical studies of CAB101 are ongoing.