Cellmid in the Media 


31 August 2018 Sales Surge as Women Open up About Hair Loss

The Sydney Morning Herald

27 August 2018 These companies want to help erase wrinkles without needles

The Australian Financial Review 

10 September 2018 Former Coles Myer CEO Dennis Eck tipes rise of the micro band

02 August 2018 Former Coles CEO Dennis Eck backs Cellmid's Chinese pharma push

Finance News Network

11 July 2018 Cellmid's évolis products to sell in Neiman Marcus and Bloomingdales


11 July 2018 Cellmid just got it anti-ageing, hair loss treatment into two major US stores

Professional Beauty 

July/August 2018 issue Is Pro-Age the new Anti-Age?


2 May 20118 Cellmid Says Deal Entered Into For Distribution Of Anti-Aging Hair Care Products In China

Bio Spectrum Asia Edition

2 May 2018 Cellmid inks deal with China's Fukangren Bio-pharm

The Australian

27 June 2018 Margin Call - Hair Raising

15 June 2018 Mind the gap; small company boards lag big end of town

27 April 2018 The Weekend Australian Interviews Cellmid Director Dennis Eck

The Mid-Life Crisis Show

20 February 2018 Talking Lifestyle Radio sponsored by Evolis Professional

Sky News

24 April 2018 Marketing Matters

15 February 2018  Marketing Matters

Proactive Investors Australia

14 Aug 2019 Cellmid Limted outlines key components for FY2020 growth strategy

16 May 2019  Cellmid is a well funded life sciences company that see a path to profitability

22 Feb 2019 Cellmid on track for record revenue in FY19 targeting profitability in FY20

1 August 2018 Cellmid expanding products, portfolio and markets; and approaching profitability 

8 Apr 2016              Dave Gentry, host of "The RedChip Money Report", interviews CEO Maria Halasz


Proactive Investors Australia

14 Aug 2019 Cellmid Limited outlines key components for FY2020 growth strategy

04 July 2019 Cellmid's Japanese shopping channel sale sets revenue record of $1.14 million

11 June 2019 Cellmid MD and CEO demonstrates confidence through further on-market share purchase

28 May 2019 Cellmid appoints new Lyramid CEO to drive clinical development of midkine assets

16 May 2019 Cellmid is a well funded life sciences company that see a path to profitability

06 May 2019  Cellmid managing director and CEO lifts holding in company with on-market purchase

30 Apr 2019 Cellmid’s évolis Professional product range to be sold in Europe

02 Apr 2019 Cellmid alopecia patent granted in Europe for évolis® hair therapy  

22 Feb 2019 Cellmid on track for record revenues'in FY19, targeting profitability in FY20

07 Nov 2018  Cellmid builds IP for midkine portfolio with new patents

01 Nov 2018  Cellmid launches évolis® Professional products in 17 store locations across the US

12 Sep 2018  Cellmid’s study confirms effectiveness of lead antibody against rare chronic kidney disease

01 Aug 2018 Cellmid expanding products, portfolio and markets; and approaching profitability

02 May 2018 Cellmid set to launch its évolis hair care products in the lucrative Chinese market

12 Apr 2018 Cellmid gaining ground in USA and China following advances in Japan and Australia

09 Apr 2018  Cellmid convening global meeting of midkine researchers in Germany

04 Apr 2018 Cellmid enters exclusive distribution agreement for anti-ageing skincare product

04 Apr 2018 Cellmid strengthens its position in skin care market with leading anti-ageing product

26 Mar 2018  Cellmid appoints experienced retail executive to board as it targets US and Asia

31 Jan 2018 Cellmid managing director and CEO buys shares on market

09 Jan 2018 Cellmid ends the year on a high note after achieving quarterly targets

10 Jan 2018 Cellmid achieves record quarterly sales for its hair care products

18 Jan 2017 Cellmid gets government backing for Midkine research program

24 Jan 2017 Cellmid to ramp up hair loss product sales in 2017

01 Feb 2017 Cellmid gets green light for hair loss patent in U.S

07 Feb 2017 Cellmid receives patent for Midkine treatment in Europe

02 Mar 2017 Cellmid has refinanced its R&D loan facility on favorable terms

02 Mar 2017 Cellmid's hair loss technology has been published in a renown journal

16 Mar 2017 Cellmid’s Maria Halasz increased her shareholding through buying on market

20 Apr 2017 Cellmid achieves record quarterly sales for hair loss products

06 Jun 2017 Cellmid's Maria Halasz lifts stakes on-market

03 Jul 2017 Cellmid Limited gets a boost for it's Midkine assets

01 Aug 2017 Cellmid receives China import permit for cosmetics

03 Aug 2017 Cellmid Secures new US partner for hair products

22 Aug 2017 Cellmid delivers positive results using the evolis professional product range

29 Aug 2017 Cellmid's Maria Halasz talks outstanding study results and growing expansion plans

29 Sep 2017 Cellmid's Maria Halasz brings growing revenues to Proactive's CEO sessions

03 Oct 2017 Cellmid gets tax incentives for melanoma and hair growth research programs

06 Oct 2017 Cellmid's Maria Halasz discussed growing revenue streams at Proactive's CEO sessions

16 Oct 2017 Cellmid makes key appointment with the board

24 Oct 2017 Cellmid to benefit from share consolidation as revenues grow

26 Oct 2017 Cellmid recently achieved record sales for its hair loss products

01 Nov 2017 Cellmid steps onto world stage for hair research in japan

01 Nov 2017 Cellmid's newly appointed director Dr Martin cross lifts indirect stake on-market

03 Nov 2017 Cellmid Limited launches hair loss products into US$3.5B million

28 Nov 2017 Cellmid Makes move to sell hair loss products in china

05 Dec 2017    Cellmid shares consolidation will reflect growing value of assets

07 Dec 2017 Cellmid Secures US partner to sell evolis products

18 Dec 2017 Cellmid Receives funding from US strategic investor

 05 Feb 2016 Cellmid Appoints Elizabeth Masamune as director of subsidiary Advangen Inc

 26 Feb 2016 Cellmid Limited continues growth in Japan, set for sales increase

 08 Apr 2016 Cellmid progresses on road to commercialize Midkine protein assets

 10 May 2016 Cellmid's Advisory board chair appointed Professor of Neuroscience at UTS

 11 May 2016 Cellmid to benefit from data at Budapest Midkine Symposium

 26 May 2016 Cellmid Delivers record sales revenue in Japan

 15 Jun 2016 Cellmid Launches hair product range in Australia to drive revenue

 20 Jun 2016 Cellmid's CEO Maria Halasz lifts stakes with on-market trades

 24 Jun 2016 Cellmid Completes world first study accelerating bone healing

 01 Jul 2016 Cellmid's Maria Halasz talks growth in proactive Q&A Sessions

 20 Jul 2016 Cellmid Limited to enter the world’s largest hair loss treatment market

 21 Jul 2016 Cellmid's Maria Halasz talks revenue at Proactive's CEO spotlight session

05 Aug 2016 Cellmid’s Maria Halasz outlines revenue growth path at spotlight CEO session

09 Aug 2016 Cellmid have discovered new research that shows Midkine antibody restores bone less

20 Sep 2016 Cellmid limited Maria Halasz lifts stake with on-market trade

22 Sep 2016 Cellmid Limited gets green light for patent in Europe

05 Oct 2016 Cellmid Limited gets boost from study results treating brain cancer

10 Oct 2016 Cellmid has record September quarter sales from Hair loss products

18 Oct 2016 Maria Halasz has increased her stakes in the company

28 Oct 2016 Cellmid's proposed capital raising

01 Nov 2016 Cellmid Limited has received commitments to raise $3 Million

03 Nov 2016 Cellmid Limited launches hair loss products into US$3.5B million

30 Nov 2016 Cellmid has two business segments, consumer health and its Midkine (MK) portfolio.

13 Dec 2016 Cellmid expecting royalty payments from Midkine Licence

The Next Biotech Reports on Cellmid Limited

24 Jan 2017 CDY Backs Hair research growth for 2017 as it capitalizes on US entry 

14 Sep 2017  CDY Sales up to 72%: $100M Targets in Place 

20 Jul 2016 US Sales unlocked for CDY: Pathway to $100M Revenue in Near Term 

19 Jul 2016 New ASX Listing: $15M Capped Stock with phase 2 Trialled Cancer Drug

14 Jun 2016 $26M Capped ASX Stock Generating Millions in Revenue


Financial News Feed Reports on Cellmid Limited

 10 Jan 2018    Cellmid achieves record quarterly sales for its hair care products 

 01 Feb 2017   CDY awarded US patent for treatment of alopecia

 13 Dec 2017   Progress in bladder cancer monitoring bodes well for Cellmid

11 Oct 2016 


Cellmid records highest ever quarterly sales for Évolis® 

06 Oct 2016 


Cellmid MK antibodies effective in brain cancer trials

09 Aug 2016 


New research backs CDY’s MK plan for osteoporosis 

24 Jun 2016 


CDY’s midkine antibody shown to accelerate bone fracture healing 

15 Jun 2016


Cellmid launches hair care products in Australia


BioTech Capital

30 Oct 2018             Cellmid banks research and development tax incentive

09 Jan 2018 Cellmid ends the year on a high note after achieving quarterly targets