2016 | Fourth Midkine Symposium Delegate


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Dr Pete Smith

Amala Therapeutics 

Brisbane, Australia

Pete has a degree in Natural Sciences and PhD from the University of Cambridge UK (1981-1988) where he studied phosphoinositide cell signalling pathways under the supervision of Prof. Robin Irvine. He then became a healthcare analyst in London with UBS and then HSBC, achieving top rankings in international surveys of investors. In 1997 Pete went on to start-up a cancer immunotherapy company Onyvax and was Director and CFO until moving to Australia in 2003.

In Australia he has been CEO of two publicly listed biotechnology companies, Amrad and Alchemia, where he was responsible for managing numerous clinical programs at all stages of development including the approval of a cardiovascular product by the US FDA. His current start-up, Amala Therapeutics, is focused on preserving muscle in disease and in aging. Pete has held non-executive directorships with numerous companies and has consulted on corporate and clinical strategy. He has been working closely with Cellmid for a number of months.


Thursday 28 April, 12:00pm-12:30pm (Session 2)


Therapeutic opportunities for midkine in renal and fibrotic diseases